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Why Are You Losing Your Hair? 7 Causes You Should Know

In both males and females, pattern baldness is the primary cause of hair loss. However, there are other leading causes of hair loss that millions of people are experiencing. Old age is a common reason for hair loss among men. Studies show that more than 85% of men experience significant hair loss at age 50.

Seeing hair loss specialists when you start experiencing thinning hair is an important medical consideration. However, it is not advisable to see hair loss specialists before you can substantiate what is causing baldness. Here are some common causes of hair loss.

1. Pregnancy

If you experience excessive hair loss just after giving birth, you should not panic. It is a common problem that is faced by several women. According to hair loss specialists, an excessive decrease in estrogen levels in the body is the primary cause of hair loss. This type of hair fall is temporary and usually resolves within a year. You can solve this type of problem by using non-synthetic shampoos.

2. Medications

Medications are other major leading causes of hair fall among young people. Hair loss specialists indicate that some medications have hair fall as side effects. Some of the medications that lead to hair loss include beta-blockers, cholesterol-lowering drugs, Accutane, and blood thinners. If you think that your hair fall is caused by the type of medication you are taking, you should see a hair loss specialist before everything goes south.

3. Nutritional Deficiencies

Nutritional deficiencies can as well be major causes of hair loss in both men and women. Extreme diets that are low in iron, vitamins, and protein have significant impacts on the health and quality of hair. Hair replacement experts indicate that millions of people have excessive hair shedding that is mostly related to nutrient deficiency. For hair loss treatment, you need to see a doctor to test for nutrient deficiency in your blood.

4. Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are major causes of hair loss among women. Although most of the women experience hair loss after they start taking birth control pills, the signs of hair loss are extreme after one stops taking birth control pills. Hair replacement specialists indicate that people should start taking birth control pills that have a low androgen index. This is a simple alternative that can help you to deal with extreme hair loss. It is important to indicate that implants and patches are major causes of hair loss among women.

5. Ringworms

Worms are major causes of hair loss in adults. Studies show that ringworms, which are fungal infections, are the leading causes of hair loss, among other worms. Balding on various parts of the head is a sign of hair loss caused by ringworms. Some of the common symptoms of ringworms in hair loss include oozing blisters on the scalp, brittle hair that breaks easily, and bald patches of skin. Hair loss specialists highlight that antifungal medicine may help deal with ringworm-led hair loss.

6. Physical Injuries

Scars are other causes of hair loss that affects several people, especially those working in manual jobs. The chances that you will get a scratch on your head leads to significant hair loss that you should treat immediately. Fatal accidents also lead to major hair loss, especially where the head was the major point of impact. Scar revision Los Angeles can help you to solve this hair loss problem immediately.

7. Stressful Situations

Both emotional and physical stresses are highlighted as major causes of hair loss among adults. People who are experiencing difficult emotional and physical situations are likely to experience unending hair loss unless their stress is addressed. Loss of hair due to emotional or physical stress is only common when one has faced an extreme problem such as the death of a relative or fatal accident.

These are some of the common and leading causes of hair loss. Hair loss specialists indicate that it is important for you to understand the cause of hair loss before seeking the right treatment. With proper diagnosis, the Los Angeles hair transplant clinic can address your hair loss problem.

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