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A Guide to Help You Pick the Best Travel Nursing Company to Work For

America is currently facing a mini healthcare crisis, which is as a result of nursing staff shortfalls in health facilities across the nation. From Texas to New York to California, the cry for more qualified nurses has become the norm.

Across the globe, there are over 7.2 million open nursing positions, which is a testament to the dire need for qualified nurses. This outcome presents a unique opportunity for qualified nurses in the country.

Nurses can now choose which part of the world they want to work in. There are lucrative travel nursing jobs in places like Sweden, Turkey, Canada, and a myriad of other places. Qualified travel nurses now also have a larger say in how much they get paid for their services. They can even choose how long their tenure at a facility will last. This article will look at some of the factors you should consider when choosing the best travel nursing company.


If you are a qualified nurse and would like to try out a travel nursing company, then it is advisable to seek out testimonials. It should be easy to get in touch with nurses who have benefited from some of the best travel nursing companies operating in the US. Your colleagues could also come in handy when trying to find a valid testimonial. You may be surprised that someone you know has even held a travel nursing job.

You also have the option of asking for referrals from the travel nursing company you are interested in. Visit the company’s website and head to the testimonials page. If you are not convinced as to the genuineness of the testimonies presented on the website, you still have the option of making a personal visit to the offices of the travel nursing company. Strive for a genuine face-to-face testimonial if you have fears regarding placement via a travel nursing agency.

Application Requirements

The best travel nursing companies require that would-be applicants take a skills test. Such a test typically entails an elaborate written and practical exam. The test is usually connected to the particular travel nursing job you apply for. Furthermore, the travel nursing companies will require you to provide valid nursing credentials before you are eligible for the job.

It is a mandatory requirement to physically present yourself when dealing with a bona fide travel nursing company. Remember that if it becomes mandatory to make a payment before or during the application stage, then chances are it is a scam.

Regions of Operation

If you have a preference for nursing work outside of the USA, then it is necessary to seek out a travel nursing company with global placement capability. Fortunately, global placement is not an issue for most of the best travel nursing companies.

However, such travel nursing companies require applicants to have valid travel documents for them to be eligible for international positions. Some regions of operation require nurses to undergo additional specialized training. Conflict zone and regions with epidemics are good examples. Remember, you must be ready and willing to fulfill every job requirement if you are to succeed in an overseas travel nursing job.

Application to Placement

Most travel nursing companies have a short waiting period within which your professional credentials are verified. Most times, you are required to wait for a week before receiving feedback. The initial online application stage is typically followed by a face-to-face interview. If more than five to six weeks pass without feedback, then your application might have been unsuccessful.

The best travel nursing companies will give immediate feedback affirming that the agency has received your application. Any other sort of feedback that seems dubious should be treated with suspicion.

In Conclusion

A suitable travel nursing company also has the responsibility of helping you secure suitable living accommodations. It is also worth noting any reputable travel nursing company will always avail channels to seek redress in case of anything.

Finally, this list of considerations is not entirely exhaustive. However, it should act as a guide when trying to identify the best travel nursing companies you can work for.

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