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Benefits or Different Types of Exercises

Physical exercise is important no doubt as we have been taught this all of our life. More than 80% of adults do not get enough exercise to meet the guidelines for exercises that strengthen muscles and provide aerobic exercises. Of those that do participate in regular physical activity fewer than 5% participate in the recommended 30 minutes each day as suggested. Obviously not only is physical activity important, but performing a variety of physical activity is healthy for your body and necessary. Read below to see how a variety of equipment can help meet your exercise goals and work out all parts of the body.

Strength Training

Deciding to join strength training classes or strength training programs is an excellent addition to your exercise regimen. Strength training, or resistance training or weight training is designed to exercise a specific muscle group with external resistance. This resistance comes in the form of a variety of equipment. Weights, dumbbells and barbells can be used to properly strength train. Weight machines and even your own body weight are other great resources for those who are looking to strength train. The benefits of strength training are many including helping you to loose weight, increasing your balance, and strengthening your bones which could help to ward off osteoporosis later in life. With all the benefits of strength training why would you not add it to you exercise regimen.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardiovascular exercises are a great addition to any exercise regimen or schedule. Cardiovascular exercises are plentiful and you can find a variety of classes at any local gym. These exercises offer workout classes for seniors, adults and sometimes even mommy and me classes so that mothers can take their little ones with them. The main benefit of these classes is that it works your heart. Your heart is the largest muscle in your body, so keeping it in tip top shape is vital for health for years to come. Another benefit is weight loss. When we loose weight are joints suffer from less strain meaning less joint injuries later in life. Lung capacity is increased during physical exercise. These classes can help you to sleep better and reduce stress in your life. There are two different types of cardiovascular exercises, and below we will discuss both types and why they are important.

Moderately intense cardiovascular exercises include things such as walking fast around the block, going out for a of dancing, performing gardening tasks or even household chores on the weekend all constitute moderately intense cardiovascular exercises. While there is not necessarily a variety of equipment being used for these exercises, there are a variety of tools which help to make these exercises moderately intense. Things such as vacuums and mops are used when performing household chores. Those why enjoy hunting are performing moderately intense exercises and using the tools for hunting to help them. Parents who engage in games and activities with their children are also exercising with moderate intensity. Since these activities are easily fit into your everyday lives, these are the easiest ones for us to accomplish, which in turns means that they are the most beneficial for our heart. These exercises can be accomplished while individuals are hardly thinking about them which means they are typically done for longer than intense planned physical activity.

Vigorously Intense physical activity is a little more planned than moderately intense. These types of activities include fast cycling, swimming laps around a pool, running laps around a track or running on a treadmill and competitive sports. These types of activities are planned and usually timed. They are a great way to help build muscle endurance and strength along with the other benefits of cardiovascular exercises. These are the types of exercises that you will typically find in classes that are available at a fitness center. Whether you’re engaging in senior workout classes or regular adult classes you will get vigorous cardiovascular exercises during this time.

No matter what type of exercises you are doing using a variety of equipment will help you get the most out of your exercises. Be sure to switch them up to work all parts of the body. Schedule times for exercise to help keep you on track.

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