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Skin and House Cleaning Are Important Routines That Lead to the Healthiest of Situations

You clean your kitchen every day. In fact, you clean some of the things in your kitchen several times a day.

Because it is a place where you spend so much of your time, decluttering the kitchen should be a top priority.
But it freaks you out.
You fear you are going to toss something and then need it next weekend.

This fear, however, is not going to get you to a better place with your mess. And while your definition of a mess is a relative term, you are committed to this declutter challenge and you are going to stick to it. Everyone has their our own definition of what a “mess” is, but the decluttering plan for the kitchen requires four days in this space.

On day one out of four, the assignment is to sort through the daily dishes your family uses. the recommendation is to keep just one or two of each item for every family member. Five family members translates into five to 10 bowls, plates, cups, coffee mugs, wine glasses. Okay, maybe you do not need 10 wine glasses, bu these daily challenges are helping you get rid of the items that you no longer use.

Progress not perfection is the mindset. You think you have a good start on the kitchen, and you are excited to see the changes that will happen! You have peeked ahead on the schedule and you are most looking forward to the days you will spend in the master bathroom. That is a space that seems to collect the most of the clutter in the house. From the over the counter acne creams that you have purchased to the prescriptions from the skin doctor that you have visited, the bathroom off your bedroom is the holding place for many things.

Daily Cleaning Routines Help Many People Get a Great Start to the Day

Whether your New Year New Decade Focus is the kitchen or your skin care, it is important to make the most of our time. When it comes to having a healthy and great looking complexion, the best skin care is consistent. For many people, the skin care services provided by professional skin doctors provides the best guidance. Whether you are dealing with basic acne or seeing dermatology specialists for mole removal, botox injections, or skin cancer care, it is important to follow the directions that you are given.

Just as the house cleaning market continues to expand with new product, the latest research indicates that the global skin care market is predicted to reach a net worth of $180 billion by the year 2024. Understandably, many Americans are as concerned about the care of their skin as they are as the care of their homes. This makes sense since the latest research indicates that as many as one in every five Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70. The details of this rather startling statistic indicate that approximately 70% to 80% of melanomas are found on seemingly healthy skin while 20% to 30% are found in existing moles, so even if you do not think that you have a problem it is important to visit a skin doctor at least once a year. More often, if your doctor recommends.
As a basic preventative measure, Americans of all skin types are recommended to use a sunscreen with a broad-spectrum protection of SPF 30 or higher for optimal skin care and protection. Just as you want to make sure that you are maintaining your home going into this new year and new decade, now is the time to start regular visits to a skin doctor to make sure that your skin is as clean and healthy as your kitchen counter.

The new year, especially this one that is also the start of a new decade, is a perfect time to start following the best procedures to make sure you are your best self. From your house to our health, what are your plans for reaching your goals? Starting with a 230 minute a day routine you can make big changes to your health and your home.

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