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Three Signs It’s Time to Visit a Hair Restoration Specialist

These days, hair loss is an all-too-common feature of men and women. By the age of 50, approximately 85 percent of American men will have significantly thinning hair. There may be a type of comfort found in knowing that you aren’t suffering from hair loss problems on your own, but that comfort can be small and feel insignificant.

It’s for this reason that hair restoration specialists exist. These experts know all there is to know about your hair, from the big questions to the small inquiries. But you may not have a clear idea of when to visit these specialists. The stages of hair loss can be extreme or quite subtle, making it a confusing decision to schedule an appointment at a hair clinic.

That’s why we’re going to break it down for you. If you’re experiencing hair loss, thinning hair, or even balding, you’ve already got enough on your mind. Let’s review three signs that it’s time to make a visit to a hair restoration specialist.

You’re Experiencing Permanent Hair Loss

Stress can have strange effects on your body. From vision blurriness to difficulty sleeping, stress can even affect your hair. The best candidates for hair restoration are those who are experiencing permanent baldness. If your hair is thinning or falling out more than usual, it’s entirely possible that stress is having this affect on your body. You’ll know if you notice your hair growing back and if your hair falls out at a normal rate.

However, if baldness runs in your family, or you’re noticing bare patches on your scalp even when you’re on vacation, this is when you’ll want to reach out to a hair specialist. Baldness isn’t something you have to live with forever.

You Have Questions

Plenty of people have never heard of a follicular unit extraction procedure (commonly known as FUE,) despite it being one of the most popular hair restoration techniques. And that’s perfectly fine. There are a whole host of questions that go along with any hair restoration techniques, and that’s exactly why you should contact a professional.

What makes a good candidate for FUE or other hair restoration techniques? How long does the procedure take? How much will it cost? Are you even an eligible candidate? There are dozens of questions that may come to mind before you even consider a procedure, so there’s no harm in reaching out to a professional before you begin the procedure, if you do at all.

Your Self-Confidence is Low

For some, baldness may be no big deal, and if you’re happy with your appearance, good for you! But others may not be as lucky. Hair loss can have a significant affect on your self-confidence, which can lead to issues with your mental health. If you catch yourself down in the dumps because of your hair, reach out to a specialist.

Hair loss can be a significant problem for some people, but it doesn’t have to be a permanent one. Contact a hair restoration specialist to find out your options.

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