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Living An Able Life Products You Should Consider For Your Wheelchair

In the United States, there are 20% of people with some type of disability. Additionally, some of these individuals have difficulty walking or climbing stairs. To be more specific, this is 20 million people within the United States. While the number of people with disabilities may be high, this does not mean people with disabilities can’t be able. In other words, they can do the same things able bodied individuals do on a daily basis. To add to this, people in wheelchairs can also do the same things able bodied people do.

If you use a wheelchair every day, here are products you should consider for your wheelchair. After all, you can live an active life.

Shower Chair Replacement Seat

Although an active lifestyle was previously mentioned in this article, it is accurate to discuss the routine you carry out on a daily basis and how certain products can help you. The first product is a shower chair replacement seat. A shower chair replacement seat, by definition, is an aid that assists individuals in being able to bathe safety and effortlessly. With a shower chair replacement seat, you can sit down in the shower in order to bathe. There is also other information you should know when you consider this product if you have a wheelchair.

Safety: As previously mentioned, a shower chair replacement seat allows you to shower safely. This is because it reduces the chance of your slipping or falling while in the shower. More specifically, it has non-slip technology so it isn’t affected by water.

After all, if you use a wheelchair on a daily basis, you know that the shower can be one of the most dangerous places for you. Essentially, the water makes surfaces slippery and it makes it easier for you to lose your balance or slip or fall. With a shower chair replacement seat, you can shower without worrying about falling. You are safe and stable. All in all, you can shower effortlessly once more!

Support: The next benefit, or piece of information, you should know about a shower chair replacement seat is that it offers you support. If you use a wheelchair every day, you know how tiring and taxing this necessary activity is. A shower chair replacement seat can help support you while you bathe. Overall, it makes it less tiring for you to complete.

It is important to note that a shower chair replacement seat isn’t the only product you should consider if you have a wheelchair. In actuality, there are products specifically for your wheelchair that you should consider.

Off Road Tires For Wheelchairs

This specific product is utilized if you live an active lifestyle and enjoy working out or heading outside during the day.

The Ground: For this product, it is beneficial if you like to join family and friends on hikes. This is because it adapts to different forms of the ground. In other words, you can use your wheelchair on the dirt roads, rocky roads, and uneven roads. This helps you become more active, too.

Safety: All products for wheelchairs, or that you use for your wheelchair, ensure your own safety. Off road tires for wheelchairs ensure that you are safe as you hike or travel on dirt roads. More specifically, it makes sure that you do not fall out of your wheelchair, tip over, or get stuck on rocks or in mud.

Versatility: The last piece of information you should know about off road tires for wheelchairs is the fact that it is very versatile. With off road tires for wheelchairs, you can practically use these tires on any type of road! You’re not limited to just dirt roads with rocks. You can use off road tires for wheelchairs in the snow!

Folding Wheelchairs

This product is within the wheelchair itself, so it is not an additional piece like off road tires are. However there is still a bit of information you should know.

Traveling: The main portion of information when it comes to folding wheelchairs is traveling. You can travel easily in a car with a fold up wheelchair. It limits the amount of space your wheelchair takes up.

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