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Is There a Difference Between Urgent Care and Walk In Clinics

There are a lot of places you can go to get health care, but are they all the same? Many people confuse walk-in urgent care with walk-in clinics, however, they do not offer the same level of medical services. This video outlines what the differences are between a walk-in urgent care clinic and other types of walk-in clinics.

Many people find themselves in need of urgent care, and are faced with several options including the ER, a walk-in clinic, or an urgent care center. Urgent care centers are popping up everywhere. An urgent care center offers short wait times (on average you can expect a 30 minute wait time according to the Urgent Care Association) usually has diagnostic equipment, a doctor on call, and other medical professionals.

A walk-in clinic (you may see them in a pharmacy) does not have the same equipment or the same level of staffing that an urgent care clinic does. Which clinic should you visit to meet your urgent health care needs? This video provides you with the information you need to decide where you should seek healthcare based on your need. Watch this video to learn mor e about distinguishing between what a walk-in clinic is and what an urgent care walk-in clinic is.

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