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Understanding the Detox Process for Drug Abuse

Flooded with addicted inmates and challenged by lawsuits, most county jails struggle to adjust and treat the opioid health crisis. It turned many jails into an area with the largest drug treatment and pain centers.

To get a handle on the issue, jails are adding a form of management for medication treatment to help inmates detox quickly from opioids and remain clean behind bars. The detox process while in jail could even help them after release.

However, there are deeper concerns about the abuse of treatment drugs that may affect the detox quickly while in jail. They worry about the costs and efficacy of programs that the jails were not designed or built for.

What it’s Like Detoxing in Jail?

When the police arrest someone, they usually cut them off from the drug they usually rely on. Perhaps they committed a crime and help fund their addiction.

Someone had an experience detoxing behind bars and told that it would take 24 hours for the withdrawal symptoms to kick in. However, prisoners can’t get the kind of medication yet before the processing. In fact, processing won’t happen for about 3 days.

The experience must be frightening as a lot of things could happen. That is why it’s important to know that jails and prisons usually don’t just handle detoxing. Good thing is that, authorities are working their best to make improvements.

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