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Why Urgent Care Facilities Are More Convenient And Cost-Effective For Getting Medical Care

At least once in your life you would like to experience the following scenario: you wake up in the middle of the night with a violent illness feeling deathly ill and wishing for just about anything to make yourself feel better.

If you haven’t experienced it, if you’re a parent you’ve likely experience it with one of your children where they wake up in the middle of the night vomiting or with stomach pains or with something else entirely.

When that happens, you got several options. You could go to the hospital, especially if you’ve got a medical issue that needs to be dealt with right away. But for general medical issues, a visit to the ER will likely result in a long wait time, a lot of frustration and a big bill. You could also set an appointment with your primary care doctor, perhaps setting up an appointment with a virtual doctor or an online doctor for on-demand care. But there’s a good chance that your primary care doctor may be booked. After all, a general physician in the United States receives over 3,000 visits annually and doctors usually only spend about 13 to 16 minutes with each patient.

So what other options do you have to make yourself feel better? One of the most convenient is to find a 24 hour urgent care facility in your area. An urgent care, whether it’s a general urgent care or 24 hour urgent care, is essentially a type of walk-in clinics where you can get in to see a doctor much faster and be treated for many types of non life-threatening illnesses and ailments. In fact, all around the United States, more than 3 million people visit urgent care facilities every week and it’s very easy to see why.

Rather than going to the ER and spending a lot of time and money there, you can go to a 24-hour urgent care which will offer you convenient medical care for a ever-growing list of everyday medical issues. The average urgent care facility can treat people for sports injuries, sprains common muscle strain, STDs, ear infections, common colds and even flu shots.

By visiting a 24-hour urgent care facility, you gained two big advantages: lower cost and convenience.

These days everyone is on the go and when they’re feeling bad they want access to medical care quickly and easily. Fortunately the average urgent care facility can offer just that. Chances are good that your local urgent care facility is located in a spot that’s easy to find and can offer you access to a variety of quick treatments such as a z-pack or a flu shot.

The other benefit you’ll get from a 24 hour urgent care is cost. If you been to the doctor recently or you’ve been to the hospital, you know that you’ve likely spent quite a bit of money on certain kinds of medical treatments and medications. Urgent cares can offer treatments at much lower rates than you would find hospitals. This works great if you’re on a budget and urgent care facilities offer price transparency where you can actually see how much different treatments costs before you buy anything.

By visiting a 24 hour urgent care in your area, you’re really doing a big favor for yourself and for your health. You’ll get in to see a doctor faster, get treatment for a growing number of common ailments and end up spending a lot less money than if you went to the ER.

If you find that a medical issue is ongoing, don’t hesitate to contact your primary doctor. These days, telemedicine has revolutionized the way doctors can see patients and the way patients can receive care. You can easily make an appointment with a Seattle online doctor to get needed medical advice and access to care that you need.

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