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Hair Transplants Vs Hair Replacement Systems–What You Need To Know

There’s no getting around it, Americans are losing their hair:

  • There are about 35 million men in the U.S. experiencing hair loss
  • There are about 21 million women in the U.S. experiencing hair loss
  • In the U.S., the Hair Loss Treatment Industry brought in $4 billion in 2017.

Even if you have impeccable hair, the average person is estimated to lose 50-100 hairs a day and for more than 80% of the population, hair loss is genetic. Though hair loss isn’t at all a uniquely American issue, the bottom line is that that some folks—men and women alike—are more comfortable with losing their hair than others. For those that aren’t, some would give anything to have a fuller head of hair and hair loss can be very upsetting.

So what can be done for folks dealing with hair loss? Two of the most common things one can do is use hair replacement systems or undergo hair transplant surgery. Let’s take a closer look at two of the best hair replacement options:

Hair Transplant Surgery

Most types of hair transplant surgery involve taking hair from one area of a person’s head and transplanting follicles to an area where the hair is thinning. A transplant can have many positive effects on the person who receives it, including:

  • Higher levels of self-esteem
  • A more natural look since a person’s own hair is used
  • A positive aesthetic change
  • It’s a fairly simple procedure
  • It actually promotes hair growth

As you can see there are many positive effects of transplants, but there can also be some cons as well:

  • The procedure, while simple, can be very expensive
  • There can be some hair loss, even in a newly transplanted area
  • The transplanted area can be prone to infection
  • Scarring

Even if a person is onboard with getting a hair transplant, doctors must first determine if that person is a good candidate based on several factors including age, lifestyle, the degree of hair loss and the aftercare that’s required after surgery. Bottom line: just because a person wants a transplant doesn’t mean they’re going to get one. Doctors may determine that based on a person’s health, age and high degree of hair loss that a person is either not a good candidate or the transplant really won’t have the effect the person is wishing for.

Hair replacement replacement

When a person thinks of hair replacement systems, they may instantly think of wigs and toupees, which are usually obvious to spot and sometimes don’t look as great as a wearer things they do. Modern hair replacement systems are more sophisticated and made of quality materials such as real human hair. When a person uses hair replacement systems these days, it looks much better on their head.

No matter what a person’s degree of hair loss is or reason for hair loss, hair replacement systems can provide wearers instantly with a new look and it is customizable enough to match a person’s natural hair. Benefits of hair systems for men include:

  • Lower cost than a transplant
  • No surgery at all
  • Instant results and a new look
  • Beneficial for any degree of hair loss or reason for hair loss

As beneficial as hair replacement systems are, there are a few cons which include:

  • They require frequent maintenance
  • They also require regular cleaning
  • Some wearers may feel like they’re wearing a wig, even though it’s not actually a wig
  • Depending on your budget, cheaper systems use synthetic materials rather than actual human hair
  • Some wearers may feel compelled to constantly change hairstyles, which can prove challenging

Regardless of which option you choose, hair transplant surgery or hair replacement systems, it’s wise to first talk with a doctor about what the best option is and what you might be the most comfortable with. Be mindful that with a transplant, what you see is what you get whereas with a hair replacement system, it is a non surgical hair replacement. So you can achieve whatever hair style you want and you can regularly change your style if you so wish.

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