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Top Reasons Why You Need Infusion Pumps in Your Clinic

In the medical industry, the success of drug administration mostly depends on the quality of the instruments used. When high-quality instruments are used, there is a higher chance for improved patient safety. Therefore, any medical facility needs to make use of the recent inventions that make the medical sector secure and efficient to medical practitioners.

Infusion Pumps

Records show that infusion pumps have been in use since the late 1960s to infuse drugs and other food substances to patients. Before that, medical experts were using manual terms and other measures to administer drugs and other medication to patients, which was not only risky but also inconvenient.

Infusion pumps have brought about new energy in the medical sector. Therefore, if you have been administering syrup and other types of drugs manually, here are some of the reasons why you need to consider infusion pumps.

1. Reduce Drug Administration Errors

Hospitals and laboratories have for many years, been known for high accuracy levels. However, this does not mean that they do not make mistakes. Studies show that more than 40% of the medication administered and measured manually has not been accurate.

The use of smart pumps has significantly changed the whole sphere of drug administration. It is now easy for individuals to administer drugs without fearing that they have used the wrong measurements. Over the last few years, the accuracy of drug administration has been enhanced by more than 90%.

2. Minimize Overdose/Underdose

As highlighted above, manual measurement of the drug is not accurate. There is a high chance that a patient will get an overdose or an underdose, which will not be beneficial to their health. To a larger extent, underdose or overdose could lead to significant health challenges among patients.

Infusion pumps get the most accurate measurements of the drugs to be administered. Patients will always get the right dosage, which is essential in enhancing the health of the patients while at the same time minimizing drug use side effects.

3. Reduce Spillage

Drugs are expensive necessities that every hospital should strive to have. For many years, people in various parts of the world have died because they cannot access medication. Therefore, the waste of medicine is not a good idea, especially in a profit-making medical facility. If not rectified with time, continuous spillage could lead to excessive losses.

However, while using an infusion systems, it is very difficult to come across any form of spillage. The entire drug is administered to the concerned party, which is essential in eliminating excessive losses in a medical facility. Therefore, if you want to minimize losses in your medical facility, it is important if you can consider using infusion systems.

4. Self-Service Medication

Self-service medication is not a very common scenario in most of the medical facilities around the world. For many years, patients are not allowed to inject drugs without the assistance of a physician. However, infusion pumps have changed everything. It is now possible for patients to self-service themselves using different infusion pump brands.

However, physicians are required to help by ensuring that they provide an accurate dosage to the patient and only allowing them to use what has been recommended by a medical specialist. The issue of self-service has made medication more personable to many patients.

5. Readily Available

Unlike most of the medical equipment, infusion pumps are readily available in various medical equipment stores. They are affordable and can as well be offered using other financing strategies. For example, you can easily get hospital equipment for rentals, which includes infusion systems. There are different types of infusion pumps, whereby you can easily get any pump that works for your medical facility.

These are some of the reasons why you should use infusion pumps in your medical facility. As you can see, having infusion systems will not only save you money, but it will be essential in enhancing patient safety. Order lightweight infusion pumps today for an efficient medical facility.

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