The Process Of A Mold Inspection And Air Quality Testing

Is it feeling a little stuffy in the house? Do you feel like it could potentially be allergies hitting you? The problem is it might not be the time of year, but a far worse issue. Mold is no joke, and when you aren’t inspecting for mold, it can get into your home without you even noticing. This is why it’s important that on the first sign of any sort of mold, you look to call for a mold inspection.

The professional mold removers will go around the house with both an infrared sensor and a moisture meter.

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These will detect any cold spots in the house that can be exposed to mold, and the moisture meter will detect and moisture build-up in the house. While testing for mold, you can run into mold beneath the house, in dark closets, or even inside of your shoes because leather actually attracts mold.

When it comes to removing mold, you should be trying to get on it right away. Mold is alive and will continue to expand if not dealt with. Some quick fixes would be using bleach to wipe away any spots of mold, but the only sure fix is to hire a professional to do the work.

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