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    A Look At Our Medical World And How We Can Better It

    Medical care of all kinds is hugely important here in the United States. Though you might see your primary care doctor on the most regular basis (ideally at least once throughout the course of a typical year), there are many doctors who specialize in other medical areas, providing this care to those in need of further care past what their general practitioner is reasonably able to provide. Consider, for instance, the ob/gyn, an important doctor for every woman out there. There are more than 33,000 of these doctors found all throughout the United States and they serve multiple roles in the overlal health of American women. For one thing, going…

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    When You Teach a Superman, When You Teach an Addict

    You are am a teacher! Students come and go in your life. Some kids are more memorable than others! This week the national news featured one of your former second grade class members and you can say he was special then and now! His mom babysat your oldest daughter when you went back to work!! He comes from the best family. Actually, you blame this young man for your girls’ involvement in show choir! You were the Grant Fabry fan club when he was in show choir and musicals. So it is easy to imagine your surprise when you opened an article today and saw that name and face as…

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