The Benefits of Medication-Assisted Opioid Treatment

If you are interested in finding out more information on medication-assisted opioid treatment, consider the important role that this type of recovery plan can play during treatment. According to some research statistics, patients who take methadone have up to a 4.44 times higher chance of staying in treatment than patients who don’t take methadone-assisted treatment medicine. There are a few medications that are designed to provide opioid treatment with medication assistance in order for treatment to be more successful from the start.

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A methadone treatment center can benefit those with opioid use disorders by intervening in the cycle of using the drug with quick relapse. Withdrawal symptoms are typically severe, and methadone is designed for patients to take an opioid drug once a day without the psychoactive effects. This is the main goal of dedicated drug addiction clinic treatment plans, in order to give the patients the space and time they need to recover. A suboxone program is similar, and typically a recovery clinic can offer both methadone and suboxone program options in order to meet the different needs of those in recovery.


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