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    Focus 101 Handling Interruptions in Life

    Every employee know about the struggle of staying focused. 2022 has brought us a host of new things to think about every single day, and phone are our main focus no matter where we are. Time management is now something that we need to work diligently at to learn and master. With so much multitasking involved in just about every job now, the seasoned employee has seen their fair share of distractions and infuriating interruptions in flow at work. However, there are several mental and physical exercises we can do to get better at handling workplace interruptions. Video Source In this video, we will take a look at some easy…

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    Advantages of Ergonomic Chairs

    Sitting in an office all day can put a strain on your back. One of the solutions to this is to use ergonomic chairs. Ergonomic chairs are designed in a way to support your every need. Video Source In this article, we are going to look at the advantages of ergonomic chairs. The first advantage that we are going to talk about is back support. When you are sitting in a chair for long periods you need to have good posture. Ergonomic chairs are made in a way that promotes good posture. They help to stop the formation of back problems which will hurt you later in life. Another advantage…

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    What Causes Adrenal Fatigue?

    Everybody gets tired, but getting tired during the times where you are meant to have energy is a problem that many people experience. Being exhausted during the day makes work strenuous, focus almost impossible, and every hour so long. Your adrenal fatigue could be chalked up to a number of different reasons, most likely quite a few piled up on top of each other. If you are looking for the solution to counteracting your daytime fatigue, then fear not. Video Source This video shares some of the most common reasons why you feel sleepy and out of focus during waking hours. The first reason is fairly obvious. If you lack…

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