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    Understanding Occupational Therapy

    For individuals with disabilities, occupational therapy, as detailed in the video “What is occupational therapy?” is a vital service to assist in relearning basic or complicated tasks. This may include the development of new skills or improving existing ones. The following article will give a basic understanding of occupational therapy and its benefits. Video Source Following a neurological injury, stroke, or spinal cord injury, individuals with disabilities may suffer from deficits in their motor function, such as strength and mobility. These deficits may lead to the need for a contract of occupational therapy. Occupational therapy is a service provided by trained therapists who assist individuals with disabilities learn and developing…

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    How to Know If Laser Weight Loss Is Right for You

    On the CBS Boston channel on YouTube, they discuss two new ways to remove fat in the video titled, “How to Know If Laser Weight Loss Is Right For You.” Liposuction used to be the only way to remove fat for those that had trouble with weight loss. Now there are two new methods that use lasers that are non-invasive and only cause minor pain. Video Source Dr. Matthew Avram said both treatments are similar. One cools the fat in the body and the other heats the fat with the goal of removing it. Cool sculpting suctions the fat by heating it and cooling it. When it cools down, the…

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