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    Recovering From a Nose Job Surgery

    In recent times, nose job surgery has become a popular option. If you are going to undergo this procedure, there are some things you should be aware of. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should know about recovering from a nose job surgery. The first thing that is important to know is that your nose will be tender for some time after the surgery. This is completely normal and your nose just needs some time to heal. Video Source During this time you should stay away from physical activity. This is especially important if you play any sports that involve contact. Direct contact with your nose…

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    The Psychology Behind Weight Loss

    This TED talk from Laurie Coots addresses the psychology of weight loss and how she utilized some of the tips that she shares to lose over 100 pounds. Ms. Coots was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and decided that she needed to make some changes. Video Source She shares her journey in this video and provides tips that worked for her. Her story is inspiring and encouraging for anyone that needs to make some changes to improve thier health and thier lifestyle through weight loss. Ms. Coots addresses some of the obstacles of she came up against and how she overcame those obstacles. You can use the information that is…

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    What to Expect From Your DOT Medical Examination

    A DOT medical examination is a physical examination required by the Department of Transport (DOT) for commercial vehicle drivers. This video demonstrates what to expect during the examination. The DOT medical examination is conducted by a licensed examiner listed on the FMSCA National Registry. Video Source DOT Medical Examination Process: 1. The driver must show their ID and advise on the mode of payment. 2. A form must be filled out, detailing information such as current address, medication, and yes/no past medical history questions. 3. The examiner will ask medical questions such as if the person is a smoker, prevailing heart, or lung condition, and if they wear glasses or…

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