What to Expect From Your DOT Medical Examination

A DOT medical examination is a physical examination required by the Department of Transport (DOT) for commercial vehicle drivers. This video demonstrates what to expect during the examination.

The DOT medical examination is conducted by a licensed examiner listed on the FMSCA National Registry.

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DOT Medical Examination Process:
1. The driver must show their ID and advise on the mode of payment.
2. A form must be filled out, detailing information such as current address, medication, and yes/no past medical history questions.
3. The examiner will ask medical questions such as if the person is a smoker, prevailing heart, or lung condition, and if they wear glasses or hearing aids.
4. A physical exam is conducted. Weight is recorded, blood pressure is measured, and pulse is checked. The lungs and heart are also checked using a stethoscope.
5. The examiner then tests the reflexes, vision and peripheral vision and hearing.
6. A urine sample is also collected to check kidney health.

If the examiner is satisfied, s/he will provide a certificate, and update the FMSCA database with the drivers’ details. The driver will need to be recertified after 2 years if there are no medical conditions.

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