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Are You Doing Your Part to Limit the Spread of the Coronavirus?

Isolation report: today was your lazy day, but Sundays usually are. You and your husband worked on a puzzle while you listened to online church. The priests recommended that, if you wanted to take communion, you assemble it with what you have. This meant that you were able to take communion for the first time in slightly more than 12 years; you normally cannot take it because you are allergic to grapes and wheat, so you had a kernel of popcorn and water, it was actually pretty awesome.
Making do is the new way of life.
You have changed over to cloth napkins this week, just in case we need those paper napkins in the pantry at some point. You are trying to practice gratitude every day, and today you are so grateful that you have jobs and that you like each other and have enjoyed spending more time together.

Also, you cut your son’s hair. Being a military spouse and existing like a single mom for months at a time has come in handy, and you are pretty resourceful when you have to be.

Staying Home Is the Order of the Day

Whether you are a person with limited mobility that keep you from easily getting the groceries and supplies that you need or you are one of the many immunodeficient individuals who are the most at risk, it is obvious that you should stay at home. What may be less obvious, but still important, however, is that even if you do not have mobility or compromised immune systems you should stay at home as well. The accessibility to the services that we have all taken for granted for so long and the active lifestyles that so many people relish need, as the national health officials explain, to be put on hold. Consider some of these reasons why STAYING HOME is essential:

  • Self quarantines are more than common today, so it is important to make sure that you are following all of the rules that are involved. Only going out of your home for the necessities and making sure that you are washing your hands as directed and following other protocol.
  • The best way to make sure you are going to stay safe in these trying times is to totally limit your exposure. Acting as if you already have the virus is one of the best approaches.
  • As the health care industry struggles to catch up with a challenge they have never dealt with before, it is important to know every American can play a part to contain the spread of this disease.
  • Year long economic recovery is not what anyone wants, but health officials are warning if America wants to get things back to normal it is important that we do everything that we can right now to limit the spread, allowing medical community to solve this problem so Americans can get back to life as normal.
  • In a time of the biggest national health emergency that this generation has ever seen, it is important to shelter in place and allow the health care system a chance to catch up with the current illnesses, while waiting for the arrival of needed health care supplies.
  • No one wants to contribute to the current health challenge, but it is especially important to note that separate from those who use a wheelchair, 11.6 million people use other mobility assistant devices like canes, walkers, or crutches.
  • Going on a two week vacation is the kind of thing that many families are thinking about right now. The fact of the matter is, however, instead of a vacation, every American needs to be thinking about spending two weeks at home to protect the health of the nation.

  • Having family game nights, or entire days is one way to pass the time at home.
  • Online schooling is an opportunity for parents to see first hand how hard teachers work.
  • Make a diffirence by staying home.
  • Estimates indicate that as many as 20% of the world’s poorest people have some type of disability. There are just as many, if not more, people, however, who have immune deficiency problems that may not be as visible as a mobility issue, who are depending on the nation as a whole to stay at home.

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