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Shower Seats Benefits and Factors to Consider When Choosing One

Around 10% of the world’s population, over 650 million people live with a disability. In the US, the Center for Disease Control reports that one in every four American adults has some disability. Of these, 13.7% have a mobility limitation, with difficulty in walking or climbing. Shower chair seats offer necessary support and comfort as you take your bath.

Shower seats are a safe and secure option on your journey to become self-reliant. Consult your occupational therapist about the choice of shower chairs you should look for. You can bring up the conversation on your next appointment.

Benefits of Using Bath Seats

1. Independence

Shower seat chairs offer more freedom to people living with limited mobility as they can shower on their own. The ergonomic chairs ease the process of transfer from the wheelchair to the bathtub or shower. You may feel empowered as you don’t have to rely on your family members to clean up.

2. Safety

Bath seats come with a range of safety features that prevent slips and falls in the bathroom. Most chairs have padded armrests and backrests that can be adjusted to your liking. Wheeled chairs have break casters that lock in the wheels during transfer. Fixed chairs have a non-slip rubber grip that prevents sliding.

3. Hygiene

Bathing for people with disabilities can be a nightmare. Most people describe it as downright terrifying due to the increased risk of falls. Shower chairs and stools enhance the bath experience making it easy to reach more parts of your body. A foldable seat comes in handy when you need to shower during a trip or vacation.

4. Improved Quality Of Life

Ergonomic shower seats allow for easier adjusting of the leg length for optimum height. Dependency on other people for showers may have a toll on your emotional health. Purchasing a bath chair may help you enjoy a decent bath as you keep the infections at bay.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shower Chair Seat

1. Weight capacity

Bath chairs come in a wide range of sizes and models. The weight capacity for different seats may range from 250 pounds to 400 pounds. A lighter individual may use standard chairs for support, while heavier persons should use bariatric models that can withstand the weight.

2. Frame Material and Design

Manufacturers utilize different materials such as plastics, aluminum, and stainless steel to make the seat frames. Steel and aluminum frames offer superior quality but attract a higher price tag. The seat model can be either upright or recumbent. Foldable chairs are preferable if you travel frequently.

3. Size

The chair you choose should be compact enough to fit in your bathroom. Make sure to take the bathroom measurements before heading out to purchase a seat. A compact design can fit in smaller shower rooms. Bariatric shower chairs are easily compatible with standard size bathrooms.

4. Mobility

Shower chair seats can either be fixed or portable. Large wheeled chairs are easy to maneuver around. The locking caster may help prevent them from moving during transfer. Other models have a non-slip grip that prevents slipping on the wet floor. The weight of the chair is also a vital factor that may affect its mobility.


Shower chair seats dramatically improve the quality of life of people living with disabilities. Finding the right chair allows you to sit in a supported position as you take your shower. Revolutionize your shower time today by getting a comfortable bath seat.

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