What A Typical Neurological Rehabilitation Center Looks Like

Anyone who has had a stroke, brain damage, or other neurological illness should seek therapy in a neurological rehabilitation center. An image of a rehabilitation facility for the brain and nervous system One of the rehabilitation coordinators at Sinai Hospital, Eva Warschawski-Gonsher, gives a tour of the Louis and Phyllis Friedman Neurological Rehabilitation Center in a video posted to the “LifeBridge Health” YouTube channel.

Patients may get a feel for what it will be like after discharge from the hospital at the center’s “home transition apartment.” The kitchen in the Home transition apartment is fully equipped with all of the required equipment for preparing food.

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It features a bedroom with a standard bed, much like what most customers have at home. Making beds, folding laundry, and utilizing drawers are just a few of the many everyday tasks that patients at the facility perform here.

For patients, the facility functions like a supermarket. Doing things independently, such as grocery shopping, helps kids learn how to function in their neighborhood.

Additionally, the apartment provides patients with all necessities they will need when they leave the hospital and return to their everyday routine.


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