Everyday Things That Could Be Hurting Your Health

Ask people if they desire to live a long and healthy life, and you are pretty much guaranteed and emphatic, “yes.” We all desire to live a healthier lifestyle, but what does that mean exactly? When we hear the phrase, “healthy lifestyle,” visions of lovely fresh salads and sweaty workouts pop into our heads.

Those things are very important and absolutely needed as we strive for better health. But there is more to consider. Our health isn’t all about food and exercise. It’s about keeping our surroundings safe and healthy as well. We can’t control the environment around us, outside of our homes on a daily basis, unfortunately. However, with a little effort and regular maintenance, we can stay healthy at home.

Indoor Air Quality

The air in your home is affecting your health – either in a negative or positive way. You can improve your home’s air with HVAC repair when necessary, and regular HVAC maintenance twice a year.

Your HVAC system is constantly recycling air, and your family is breathing it in. Proper Furnace filters, clean units, and safety checks are vital to the health of your HVAC system, and the quality of the air in your home.

Also, consider having your air ducts cleaned by a professional. The phrase “dust bunny” is kind of cute, but the reality is, we don’t really want them around.

Imagine as the air circulates throughout your home, running through the ducts, all of that dust is flying around, while plenty of it settles in, creating dirty build up. The more people and pets in your home, the more dust and build up you will have. Clean those air ducts for some better air in your home.

Septic System

When it comes to your septic system and septic cleaning, staying on top of it with regular maintenance is better for your health and finances. The gases and bacteria released from a faulty septic system, are not something you want at your home. Repairs can be costly, so schedule regular maintenance for your system, and stay healthy at home.


We don’t notice our plumbing because it mainly is not visible. But it’s working constantly for us, sending water to and fro in our homes. We can maintain healthy plumbing by responsibly not sending things through it that is not intended to go down a drain. Also, having reliable plumbing services we can count on, can give us peace of mind. The goal is clean water, healthy, lead-free pipes, and unclogged plumbing.

Waste Removal

Make sure that you’re not letting your garbage build up in your house. Regularly declutter spaces around your home and put your trash out for waste removal. To ensure trash doesn’t build up around your space, consider keeping small trash cans in each room. This will help prevent wrappers, coffee cups, and other materials from collecting on side tables and dressers where they can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Pet dander and hair

You love your family pet! They are there to greet you daily with unconditional love. You in return, enjoy daily walks with them, and stay up to date with vet visits and pet care. Keeping your furry friend healthy is important for your family’s health too.

Regular check-ups and vaccines help in avoiding illnesses like ringworm or rabies to enter into your family. Cleaning up “accidents” made by your pet, keeps your home clean and bacteria-free. And let’s not forget: do you know where your dog has been? If left alone, dogs can find all kinds of things to roll in and ingest. If it looks or smells suspicious, give Fido a washing.

If there are allergies in your home, consider hairless pets, or animals that don’t shed. There are all kinds of loving animals that can be enjoyed, while still allowing everyone to stay healthy at home.

Your dental care routine

As we consider how to stay healthy at home, there is one thing you do every day which is contributing greatly to that task! Brushing your teeth…pretty simple and so very important. Not only are you keeping them pearly white so you can share that gorgeous smile with the world, but you are doing your part in maintaining oral health, and that affects your overall health.

Oral health care is more than your teeth. Regular dental check-ups, dental treatment, and attention to needed oral repairs, are critical in how you feel all around. It is a bit gross to think about, but our mouths carry plenty of bacteria. We take for granted how they allow us to enjoy tasty foods every day.

Those tasty foods leave particles behind, and can quickly begin decaying in our mouths if not cleaned out properly. When left unattended and ignored, poor oral hygiene can lead to bacteria traveling to other parts of your body. Pay attention to your mouth. If it isn’t feeling happy, call your dentist right away.

Your exercise routine

Why is this part the hardest for some of us, when it comes to our stay healthy at home habits? It might be because we live in a fast-paced world with busy careers, volunteer work, school projects, children, spouses, and friends and family who need us. We are just plain busy and tired. But we can’t let that interfere with our health.

Don’t sit still, staring at that computer screen for too long. Take a one or two-minute standing or walking break every hour. Not only does the screen wear out your eyes, but studies show that simply standing can boost your metabolism, which will help with your stay healthy at home goals. And of course, walking, is a great form of exercise to clear the mind, get your heart rate up, and burn calories.

Beyond the work day, make exercise a normal part of your daily routine. There are two kinds of people: those who see purposeful exercise as an endorphin boosting reward, and those who see it as torture. Ok, that’s a slight exaggeration, but some of you may agree.

Is there a secret to becoming part of the “reward” group? Here are some thoughts to help you stay healthy at home, and start seeing exercise as a good thing.

  1. Set realistic expectations. If you have never jogged around the block, don’t start out expecting to run a marathon. Start small, and pat yourself on the back with each small effort you make.
  2. Schedule it. We schedule everything in our lives, why not some exercise time for yourself? Whether it is five minutes or an hour, don’t let anything get in the way of that time. That time of day will become a habit before you know it.
  3. Reward yourself! Set a goal and keep your eye on the prize! If you are trying to lose weight, a trip to the ice cream parlor may have been your old reward. Maybe now the reward can be some new workout clothes? Do what makes you smile, and encourages you.

Find a Family Doctor You Can Trust

To stay healthy at home, it seems obvious you need to have a family doctor you can trust. Before you chose that doctor, you need to decide for yourself, what qualifications you desire.

We have more knowledge than ever about our own health and choices, thanks to the internet. It isn’t recommended you diagnose yourself, but you can use all of the information out there, to help you choose which path you might prefer for keeping track of your health, and staying as healthy as possible. Choices aren’t as limited as they used to be. Families use traditional medicine, chiropractors, and sometimes naturopath doctors. Depending on where you live, you may be surprised at the possibilities

Traditional medicine involves a family pediatrician or physician, yearly exams, and other tests, and treatment with pharmaceuticals when necessary. This method is most common, and readily available. A chiropractor often encourages more natural methods, and uses adjustments to our spine, for relief and healing. Naturopathy is a form of alternative medicine, using herbs, massage, acupuncture, and even meditation, to improve health.

In the end, you have to make the best decision for yourself and your family. To stay healthy at home, you’ll need a family doctor you can trust and rely on for advice and healing.

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